user = username or callsign entered in user field
pass = password entered in the password field
auth = server authentication code (serverconfig.txt, line 3)
version = acars software version
aircraft = aircraft titleline from aircraft.cfg file
atcModel = aircraft model (typically an ICAO identifier; may be blank for FS9, X-Plane
atcData = delimited atc data: "/Identifier/Flight Number/Airline/Type/"
lat1 = origin latitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
lon1 = origin longitude, decimal degrees, -W, +E
lat2 = destination latitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
lon2 = destination longitude, decimal degrees,-W +E
latland = destination landing latitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
lonland = destination landing longitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
rollout = landing distance from wheels down to 30 GSKTS, feet
directNM = great circle distance, NM
actualNM = flight path distance, NM
dateshort = formatted date (MM/DD/YY)
datestamp = unix epoch UTC
timeout = UTC time when acars Start button is pressed (HH:MM:SS)
timeoff = UTC time when acars detects takeoff (HH:MM:SS)
timeon = UTC time when acars detects landing (HH:MM:SS)
timein = UTC time when acars Stop button is pressed (HH:MM:SS)
fstimeout = UTC time in flight simulator when Start button is pressed (HHMM)
fstimeoff = UTC time in flight simulator takeoff (HHMM)
fstimeon = UTC time in flight simulator landing (HHMM)
fstimein = UTC time in flight simulator when Stop button is pressed (HHMM)
blocktime = block time, decimal hours (i.e., timein minus timeout)
fuelstart = starting fuel weight, pounds
fuelstop = ending fuel weight, pounds
fueldiff = fuel used, pounds
timoday = time of day: "Day" or "Night" (based on flightsim)
landingFR = weather during final approach (VFR, MVFR, IFR, or LIFR)
landingKTS = landing speed, knots
landingFPS = landing vertical speed, feet per minute
takeoffLBS = takeoff weight, pounds
landingLBS = landing weight, pounds
pirep = user flight comments, string
pause = pause tally, seconds
slew = slew tally, seconds
stall = stall tally, seconds
overspeed = aircraft overspeed tally, seconds
speed10K = speed greater than 250 KTS below 10000 FT tally, seconds
simrate = simrate not equal to 1 tally, seconds
refuel = refuel detection, 1=refueled.
crashed = crash detection, 1=crashed.
nofuel = nofuel detection,1=out of fuel
warpNM = unusual movement detection, NM
MILdiffLBS = ordnance dropped (ie., takeoff weight - landing weight - fuel used)
lso = Landing Signal Offcier grades, delimited with semicolons. Grades are grades are based primarily on AICarrier and TacPack glide slope angles (4.12 degrees). Server variable 'lso' contains grade(s) delimited with semicolon(s). Grades are (highest to lowest): _OK_; OK; (OK); -; C.
takeoffFR = departure weather: VFR, MVFR, IFR, or LIFR
windstart = wind direction (DDD) and speed (S) token in metar format (DDDSS)
windstop = wind direction (DDD) and speed (S) token in metar format (DDDSS)
payload = payload carried (difference landing weight and fuel remaining)
fsVersion = flight sim version as reported by fsacars (note that fsuipc sends x-plane version as FSX)
oew = operating epmty weight, pounds
zfw = zero fuel weight, pounds
taxifuel = taxi fuel, lbs
enroutefuel = from takeoff to landing, lbs
blockfuel = total fuel used, lbs
gmax = maximum G-force
gmin = minimum G-force