NEW IN 2018
takeoffflaps = takeoff flap setting (0=no flaps)
landingflaps = landing flap setting (0=no flaps)
omaxtaxi = maximum taxi speed prior to takeoff
dmaxtaxi = maximum taxi speed after landing
takeoffKTS = airspeed at takeoff
hwavg = average enroute headwind (-tailwind).
wdavg = average wind direction, degrees true
wsavg = average wind speed, knots
takeoffHWC = takeoff headwind (-tailwind) component, knots
takeoffXWC = takeoff crosswind component, knots
landingHWC = takeoff headwind (-tailwind) component, knots
landingXWC = takeoff crosswind component, knots
lsotxt = (previously lso): LSO grades for aircraft carrier traps (eg., OK, _OK_, etc.)
lsotxt = numerical grades corresponding to lsotxt
gmax = maximum G-force
gmin = minimum G-force


user = username or callsign entered in user field
pass = password entered in the password field
auth = server authentication code (serverconfig.txt, line 3)
version = acars software version
aircraft = aircraft titleline from aircraft.cfg file
atcModel = aircraft model (typically an ICAO identifier; may be blank for FS9, X-Plane
atcData = delimited atc data: "/Identifier/Flight Number/Airline/Type/"
lat1 = origin latitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
lon1 = origin longitude, decimal degrees, -W, +E
lat2 = destination latitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
lon2 = destination longitude, decimal degrees,-W +E
latland = destination landing latitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
lonland = destination landing longitude, decimal degrees, +N,-S
rollout = landing distance from wheels down to 30 GSKTS, feet
directNM = great circle distance, NM
actualNM = flight path distance, NM
dateshort = formatted date (MM/DD/YY)
datestamp = unix epoch UTC
timeout = UTC time when acars Start button is pressed (HH:MM:SS)
timeoff = UTC time when acars detects takeoff (HH:MM:SS)
timeon = UTC time when acars detects landing (HH:MM:SS)
timein = UTC time when acars Stop button is pressed (HH:MM:SS)
fstimeout = UTC time in flight simulator when Start button is pressed (HHMM)
fstimeoff = UTC time in flight simulator takeoff (HHMM)
fstimeon = UTC time in flight simulator landing (HHMM)
fstimein = UTC time in flight simulator when Stop button is pressed (HHMM)
blocktime = block time, decimal hours (i.e., timein minus timeout)
fuelstart = starting fuel weight, pounds
fuelstop = ending fuel weight, pounds
fueldiff = fuel used, pounds
timoday = time of day: "Day" or "Night" (based on flightsim)
landingFR = weather during final approach (VFR, MVFR, IFR, or LIFR)
landingKTS = landing speed, knots
landingFPM (previously landingFPS) = landing vertical speed, feet per minute
takeoffLBS = takeoff weight, pounds
landingLBS = landing weight, pounds
pirep = user flight comments, string
pause = pause tally, seconds
slew = slew tally, seconds
stall = stall tally, seconds
overspeed = aircraft overspeed tally, seconds
speed10K = speed greater than 250 KTS below 10000 FT tally, seconds
simrate = simrate not equal to 1 tally, seconds
refuel = refuel detection, 1=refueled.
crashed = crash detection, 1=crashed.
nofuel = nofuel detection,1=out of fuel
warpNM = unusual movement detection, NM
MILdiffLBS = ordnance dropped (ie., takeoff weight - landing weight - fuel used)
takeoffFR = departure weather: VFR, MVFR, IFR, or LIFR
windstart = wind direction (DDD) and speed (S) token in metar format (DDDSS)
windstop = wind direction (DDD) and speed (S) token in metar format (DDDSS)
payload = payload carried (difference landing weight and fuel remaining)
fsVersion = flight sim version as reported by fsacars (note that fsuipc sends x-plane version as FSX)
oew = operating epmty weight, pounds
zfw = zero fuel weight, pounds
taxifuel = taxi fuel, lbs
enroutefuel = from takeoff to landing, lbs
blockfuel = total fuel used, lbs