The reason you need any ACARS program is to automate flight reporting. FSACARS accurately records flight data for you. It does this really well - for almost 20 years I have developed custom FSACARS for myself and others. In that time, tens of thousands of flight reports have been successfully logged. Pilots love how easy it is: (1) press start, (2) press stop, (3) submit pirep. Done! FSACARS send the flight report to your server. Then you and your staff can manage your flight reports the way you want. An ACARS program doesn't need to chat (you can use Teamspeak or Discord for that). An ACARS doesn't need a radio (you have the Internet). FSACARS does one thing really well - records flight data and simplifies flight reporting!


October 13, 2017 (Version 2.6)
1. New feature: Start Reminder will prevent users from departing without pressing the Start button. If acars is open, and user has not pressed the Start button, and user is on the ground, and ground speed is more than ~30 knots, then a message is briefly displayed and ground z-axis is set to zero (i.e., aircraft is stopped).

2. New variables:
a. taxifuel: fuel used on ground, lbs
b. enroutefuel: fuel used from takeoff to landing, lbs
c. blockfuel: total fuel used, lbs
d. gmax: maximum G-force
e. gmin: minimum G-force

June 17, 2017 (Version 2.5A)
1. Increased precision of lat1, lon1, lat2, lon2 (float 6)

2. New variables:
a. latland and lonland = coordinates at wheel touchdown
b. rollout = feet from touchdown to 30 knots ground speed
c. zfw = zero fuel weight (complements oew from v2.3C)

APRIL 17, 2017: (Version 2.4B)
1. Revised updater to automatically check for new version at startup.
2. Moved files in to server_files folder
3. acars now sends latitude and longitude at start of flight (see userquery.php in server_files folder)
4. MD5 hash for fsacars.exe is made available (see hash.txt)
5. Position reports (posrep.php) now include true heading, elapsed time, aircraft titleline, and on-ground flag.
6. Pireps (pirep.php) now include flight sim version and operating empty weight.
7. Updated userquery.php (see 3); posrep.php; pirep.php, mysql_php_demo.php in server_files folder.


1. Verify FSUIPC installation.

2. Verify you have .NET 4.5 or later
3. X-Plane users need XConnect
4. Some users report the need to Run as Administrator.

5. Antivirus softare may need to be temporarily disabled, and/or set to ignore fsacars.exe

6. Web blocking software (eg., Trend Micro) users must add to the exception list.

7. Allow acars to update if it needs to - allow acars updater to Run as Administrator, if necessary.


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