There is only ONE reason you need any ACARS program - to automate flight reporting. FSACARS accurately records flight data for you. It does this really well - for almost 20 years I have developed custom FSACARS for myself and others. Tens of thousands of flight reports have been successfully logged.

Pilots love how easy it is: (1) press start, (2) press stop, (3) submit pirep. Done! FSACARS send the flight report to your server. Then you and your staff can manage your flight reports the way you want.

This ACARS program does not require your pilots to enter their origin, destination, or any information other than login and password. It's that easy to use!


AUGUST 31 (Version 2.96)

1. Removed extraneous FSUIPC polling (XP11 - fixes flashing at top of screen)
2. Dynamic refueling detection (flag set if enroute fuel increase >1% FOB)
3. Added diagnostics to sessionlog.txt after detection of enroute refueling.

JUNE 17 (Version 2.95)

1. Improved cloud base detection.

MAY 21 (Version 2.94)

1. Coordinates of crash (in sessionlog.txt only).

2. New pirep variables:
takeoffflaps: takeoff flap setting (0=no flaps)
landingflaps: landing flap setting (0=no flaps)
omaxtaxi: maximum taki speed prior to takeoff
dmaxtaxi: maximum taxi speed after landing
takeoffKTS: airspeed at takeoff

3. Refined day/night algorithm - now uses solar elevation based on flightsim time.

MAY 1 (Version 2.93)

1. New pirep variable: hwavg = average enroute headwind (-tailwind).
2. Multiple instance detection and prompting.
3. Improved landing performance algorithm
4. Acars reminder - displays message if acars is open but not started; activated when user is on the ground, and ground speed is more than 30 knots.

March 23 (Version 2.9)

1. New pirep variables:
wdavg = wind direction average for flight
wsavg = wind speed average for flight

2. Improved accuracy of landing performance algorithm.
a. sensing starts at RA100
b. absolute vsi in feet per minute
c. rollout distance is to 80 knots.

3. Added VFR weather audit (in sessionlog.txt)

4. Enabled multiple instancing.

5. Variable name change:
landingFPS is replaced by landingFPM - vertical landing speed in absolute feet per minute

Click here for details and full list of variables

March 2 (Version 2.8)

1. Modified interface - moved pirep comment field, and pirep button to a separate Send Flight Report panel that is visible at end of flight ; set background to grayscale Perlin cloud.
2. Added diagnostics for refuel detection (viewable in sessionlog.txt)

Click here for details and full list of variables

January 26 (Version 2.7)

1. Added headwind and crosswinds components during takeoff
2. Added headwind and crosswinds components during landing
3. Added numerical LSO scores to correspond to LSO grades

Click here for details and full list of variables


1. Verify FSUIPC installation.

2. Verify you have .NET 4.5 or later
3. X-Plane users need XPUIPC
4. Some users report the need to Run as Administrator.

5. Antivirus softare may need to be temporarily disabled, and/or set to ignore fsacars.exe

6. Web blocking software (eg., Trend Micro) users must add to the exception list.

7. Allow acars to update if it needs to - allow acars updater to Run as Administrator, if necessary.


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